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We are the nerds who bring the
ideas of all those geeks to life.


Unique Web

We have been developing web applications since 2004 for many CMS and social forums including VivvoCMS, Invision Power Board, Wordpress, and Redmine. Open minded and uber creative in all our endeavors. What do you need?.


Development of complex client/admin apps (SaaS), modules, and hooks for any PHP/MySQL based platform focusing on security and efficiency. From social to business, No app is too big or small.


100% responsive design using the JBOOT framework. From personal to business and e-commerce, we build to suit. Custom graphics, logos and corporate identities. Unique graphic sets for your site or application UI.


Whether its php, perl, python, rails, bash, mysql, ajax, jquery, meteor, angular, javascript, bootstrap, css3, sass. less, scss, html5, mvc5, html, etc... We can bring your project to life.

Secure Servers

Secure hosting on our Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud platform. Unmetered dedicated servers and VPS available for those who want full control.

Server Audits

15 years of installing, configuring, securing, and optimizing Debian/Fedora core. Specializing in Nginx, Ubuntu, Centos, DNS, PoDo Mail, TLS, and Networking.


Backups, monitoring, updating, and making sure your web presence is online 24/7/365. Deploying hack proof servers, protecting your domain and clients... Priceless!

Current Project
List, Dude!

Bravely utilizing todays newest technology in developing SaaS applications for global compatibility, usability and accessibility. Wow now that sounds uber cool...


Imagine logging into one web based control panel and controlling your entire web presence? Im talking connecting to dozens of datacenters worldwide, domain registrars, merchant services, programmers, developers, and much more. All wrapped neatly into an entire web development community which interacts between eachother - learning, teaching, guiding, and helping. All from this one web interface? Yes its the ProManager and its in active development, due out by first quarter 2017. It will revolutionalize the way anyone who has a website, a business, a development agenda, what have you, administers their web presence. Youre not in Kansas anymore darling...

Smaller Endeavors

Working on lots of updates to our current software library as well as a host of new stuff in the next couple months as well. Look for a new DCU Ajax Thanks update and some neat BASH scritps for Ubuntu server automation real soon. BTW, I think thats an Apple Watch image to the right, talk about epic FAIL!

Meet the
devCU Nerds.

DEVCU Software is the development arm of Exceptional Servers Inc.

Gary Cornell - New York

Lead Developer and Architect, Level 4 Linux Server Administrator, PHP 7 / MySQL (Percona/MariaDB) / NGINX / Encryption / BASH / JBOOT / Balloon PHP / Debian ~ Ubuntu / TWIG ~ SMARTY / Laravel 5 / Symphony

Dan Hamilton - United Kingdom

Lead Programmer, PHP / MySQL / jQuery / JS / CSS3 / Graphix / Fedora / Apache (Jeez. does anyone still use Apache?)

Paul Nelson - Final Frontier

Cloud Infrastructure, Automation (BASH/PERL), UNIX/WIN/MAC Networking

Talk to Us

Want a new hot to trot website? Need a super secure server for your business? Need a custom developed application? Want to join our development crew? Have nothing better to do and want to bullshit a bit? Drop us a line anytime.